Success in a tech career can be defined in many ways: titles, compensation, number of weeks of vacation, etc. But most of what I just listed are goals that business people value, not necessarily what a geek might value.

That's the reason why many tech workers are perpetually frustrated. Their managers and HR departments aren't aware of nor oriented towards the things that motivate geeks: recognition, mentorship, knowledge-sharing, and non-management leadership opportunities.

Does this sound like you?

Becoming a manager is not the only form of "advancement" available to you. With some guidance and brainstorming, we can figure out how to expand your role to attract the recognition that can also get you more opportunities, better pay, and more. (If you want to see examples of how I expanded the tech jobs I've had, see the About Toolie page.)

Let's start with a quick call. You can book some time on my calendar by visiting and choosing Brainstorming Session.